Open Integrity raises the quality of software for security and privacy.

Open Integrity maintains a list of software projects and provides information about their focus on digital security and end user privacy. Partnerships drive the development of automated measurement and expert review workflows. These metrics are a source of ground truth upon which evidence-backed scorecards can be developed for use by trainers, advocates, funders and policy makers working to improve end-user security and privacy.

The aggregated information measures best practices adoption in practices such as security, usability and terms of services. These measurements are aggregated, categorized within an open metrics taxonomy and made publicly available through an open data repository.

Open Integrity is also an ongoing consultation on impact that reflects on the measurement of software project practices. By focusing on the impact of best practices, as they relate to at-risk groups, the Open Integrity Initiative will provide decision support for those who need it most, while also serving a growing audience of software users.

In the first phase of the project we focus on developing a minimum viable platform to seek feedback from the community. We want our process to be open and to enable ongoing interactions about our activities, methodologies and outputs.

At the end of this phase, we will be in a position to evaluate both the success of our approach and its potential impact while soliciting additional sources of funding.


Jun - Project Lead


Jun has shepherded Open Integrity since 2012 and provides leadership and programmatic expertise. Jun has been advising international non-profits, humanitarian organisations and media organisations, in the use of innovation and technology for more than 16 years in Paris, New York, London and Berlin. His technical expertise ranges from system and network administration, web and telephony platforms, to digital security and knowledge management.

Chris - Research and Partnerships


Chris has been helping to shape Open Integrity's Impact and Practices frameworks and contributing to the development of our partner engagement workflow. Over the past ten years, Chris has advised on a number of projects at the intersection of technology, security and human rights. In addition to iilab, he has worked with Tactical Tech, Internews and the Columbia J-School's Tow Center for Digital Journalism. As a trainer, digital security evaluator, writer, project manager and dilettante software developer, he seeks to educate, empower and defend civil society in environments where access to information is heavily constrained, closely monitored or both.

Pierre - Lead Engineer

Pierre is a passionate software engineer who loves to apply his programming skills for the common good. He has 10 years experience working in the industry and for non-profit-organisations in the domain of argumentation technology and online participation platforms. His main technological interests are backend systems, functional programming and information security. Outside of work he enjoys reading books about political philosophy and walking in forests.

Juga - Engineer

Joe - Engineer


Funding Partners

April 2013 Information Security Coalition Small Grant

The project received a $74,500 grant from the Information Security Coalition (administered by Counterpart International, itself funded by USAID) between April 1st and August 31st. The full proposal with budget and work plan can be downloaded here. At the end of this grant a beta website was put online at openintegrity.org.
We however decided not to launch publicly until we had received new funding, which could support our capacity to organize the collection of data, engage with potential reviewers and represent the open integrity index publicly.

April 2016 Media Democracy Fund

The project receives a $104,500 grant from the Media Democracy Fund to boot the Open Integrity Initiative focusing on the project team, infrastructure and partnership agreements as well as establishing a platform for open and transparent collaboration. This grant will also support the Framework Phase, consisting of the development of the methodological foundations for the project, setting out initial thoughts, understanding and conclusions for dissemination and review by the wider community.

July 2016 Open Technology Fund

The Open Tech Fund has allocated funds to support the Data Phase of the project during which we will collect and review existing expert information across multiple disciplines about current development practices. This data will cover a range of tools and be kept up to date. It will provide an outlet for independent audits sourced by expert communities. A public website will be launched with an initial set of data in order to solicit feedback from the community.

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