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On the tech side 2016-10-17

We spent the first couple of months of the new project phase getting a reality check with the community. We found out that Open Integrity was still needed and got a better sense of where to position ourselves which informed our development work in the subsequent months.

In this post, you’ll find some of the insights we gained, and details on the technical approaches we’ve been developing. More...

Practice Workshop at Rightscon 2016-04-10

On the 1st of April 2016, the Open Integrity Initiative (OII) team gathered with hundreds of activists and technologists from the Internet and Human Rights sector in San Francisco. Similarly to the workshop at IFF in Valencia, the participants were invited to join in an ongoing discussion about software's security and privacy best practices and share their views on how to better measure them. More...

Impact Workshop at the IFF in Valencia 2016-03-08

Activists and technologists came together last month at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. The Open Integrity Initiative (OII) team joined hundreds of like minded participants in discussing how to keep the Internet open and uncensored for a week of multidisciplinary collaboration. More...

Booting up Open Integrity 2016-03-01

If you've been following the Open Integrity Index, you will have noticed that after our initial efforts in 2013, the project has been on hold. During this first phase, we developed the foundations for our criteria and setup a beta platform. We now advance with new funders to develop the next step of the project with us. More...

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