Booting up Open Integrity

If you've been following the Open Integrity Index, you will have noticed that after our initial efforts in 2013, the project has been on hold. During this first phase, we developed the foundations for our criteria and setup a beta platform. We now advance with new funders to develop the next step of the project with us.

In this first phase we set the tone of the initiative and the values that we adhere to:

Open Integrity Initiative has assembled a list of a hundred possible metrics related to various aspects of software development, including governance, systems, architecture, build and user experience. In this new phase we will shift our focus towards the gathering of measurement and claims and the development of a knowledge framework about the adoption of best practices that support the security and privacy of software.

Data about the adoption of security and privacy best practices are often difficult to find and rarely easy for users to understand. How can the adoption of these practices be measured, and what is the most useful structure for such a broad range of measurements? How can we answer reliably and consistently questions such as:

This is what we're setting out to answer. In the next 6 months we'll focus on developing partnerships in order to define metrics and collect data that will be available for an audience of professionals (software engineers, trainers, advocacy organizations) and will help provide answers about best practices adoption.

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