Our approach

Open Integrity is a collaborative effort to collect and publish verified data about software in order to improve end user security and privacy.

How does software practices impact (vulnerable) users?

Software practices that impact users are defined as:

governance, technology and design practices (including processes, systems and set of decisions made in these fields) which have impact (demonstrated or theoretical, negative or positive) on individuals' or groups' security and privacy and other fundamental rights.

Open Integrity therefore collects data to measure the adoption of software practices that fit this definition and the ongoing framework consultation helps define which software practices fit the definition and how to measure their adoption:

Which questions do we ask and which data do we collect?

We aim to answer key questions about software best practices:

What does success means for us?

Which software do we focus on?

In this phase of our project we have selected Asynchronous Instant Messaging tools as a first focus. Within this category, we're focusing first on tools available on the Android operating system.

We explain more of our rationale in our Tool Selection Criteria document

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