Are you a researcher, a team or an organisation surveying or collecting data on security and privacy best practices? Do you use free and open source software collector agents, or open data workflows to collect qualitative data? Do you publish your data with an open data licence. Then please read on to find out more about becoming an Open Integrity Measurement Partner.

What is a Measurement Partners' role?

The Open Integrity Initiative is a participatory initiative which can only create impact with strong partnerships with expert individuals, groups or organisations that are already collecting, or researching various practices of software development which impact end-user security and privacy.

The main categories of practices we're currently looking at are:

  • Technology
  • Design
  • Policy

By consulting and partnering with partners with various expertises, Open Integrity will be able to provide and further develop metrics and data across a broad range of topics that are relevant to end-user security and privacy.

What do the partners do?

Partners will be participating to public conversations about best practices and metrics in their field, as well as across disciplines.

Together with the Open Integrity team, Measurement Partners will:

When relevant the Open Integrity team and partners will jointly seek funding to support the partners if developing their collection efforts, maintaining or growing existing efforts.

What does the Open Integrity Initiative do with Partners?

We aim to provide value for partners in different ways depending on the status, ambition and scale of their projects. For instance:

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